My name is Christopher Holewski, and I make stencils. I've been creating artwork using stencils for many years, and I've developed a great love for designing stencils, x-acto knives, and spray paint. All of the prints on this website are made with great care and effort. I design each stencil based on a photograph. I then transfer the design to a laminate, and cut out the stencil. I then spray paint each color, to end up with the finished print. That original print is then scanned and all prints are based on the original spray-painted print.  To learn more about how me and how I make my artwork, check out the  Videos Page .

I chose the name "Manual Designs" for its dual meaning. It referes to the manual transmission of a car, as well as the manual labor that is put into making every single print.

I hope you enjoy my art, and thank you very much for your interest in my work.